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Virtual Mentor: Gabby Bernstein

I met Gabrielle Bernstein last year at the OMEGA Women’s Leadership Luncheon.  She was casually talking aboutabundance and releasing fear of financial insecurity conversationally to a bunch of freelancers. It was a tough crowd. None of us at the end of the dining table could really believe what she was saying – we chocked her up to being a little too “new age-y”. Even though I questioned her, I couldn’t help but think was my fear and constant anxiety actually helping alleviate anything? 

A few weeks later I saw Gabby speak at a Self Magazine event. I was not the target demographic. Or rather, I was,age-wise, but mentally, I was not open to change and certainly not spiritual change where pure positive encouragement would somehow solve all my problems. Sitting in the front row and encouraged to take out my phone to live-tweet, I waited to be impressed. The scary thing was that I actually was. With her talk, I began to re-think how my negative thought patterns and constant self-criticism was weighing me down, not helping me work harder.  It was less life coach and more “if things aren’t working for you, you have to change them.” And I was into that.

Gabby & I remain friends and I was happy to pre-read a copy of her newest book, May Cause Miracles. Her ability to crack open even the hardest of hearts has altered how I perceive ‘failure’ and ‘success’. Today she’s my virtual mentor. I hope you get something from reading her book, even if, like me, you’re less life coach and more just open (and maybe desperate) for change.

You have a huge social media following. Did they inspire you to write May Cause Miracles?

I write my books based on what my readers need and want. I was hearing the call from my readers that they wanted a real-deal spiritual plan for dissolving all boundaries and fear. In effect, they wanted to be told exactly how to do it. It was time for me to offer a step-by-step guidebook to help readers release their negativity, achieve more happiness, and experience a greater connection to the universe. It was time.

I believe that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives, including our relationships, finances, bodies, and self-image. In May Cause Miracles I offer an exciting plan for releasing fear and allowing gratitude, forgiveness, and love to flow through us without fail. All of which, ultimately, will lead to breathtaking lives of abundance, acceptance, appreciation, and happiness.

Who or what inspires you most?

The people who inspire me most are those who are willing to see the world from a loving perspective. People who perceive obstacles as opportunities and problems as spiritual assignments. People who choose love.

The more you choose forgiveness, gratitude and love, the more miracles you experience. If you’re wondering what I mean by “miracle,” it’s simple: a miracle is a shift in perspective from fear to love. A miracle can be the moment you choose to forgive your ex-lover and let go of decades of resentment, or the moment you recognize that losing your job was not a tragedy but an opportunity to follow your true calling. Simply put, each moment you choose love over fear is a miracle. And the more miracles you add up, the less likely you are to perceive life through dark-colored lenses. When you choose to perceive love over fear, life begins to flow. You feel peaceful and you see love in all situations. Your hang-ups subside and your life feels guided. My dedication to living this way has changed every area of my life. I’ve let go of addictions to romance, drugs, work, food—you name it. I’ve learned to choose forgiveness whenever resentment creeps into my mind. Fear of financial insecurity has lifted and my internal abundance, my zest for living a love-guided life, is reflected in external abundance. Today I see obstacles as opportunities and know that the universe has my back. Most important, I feel a sense of certainty that there is a power greater than myself supporting my every move.

Thanks, Gabby!


Vintage Fred Armisen

Before he played vegan-anarchist-feminists in Portlandia, Fred Armisen tried out his now iconic characters in Chicago. Thankfully those misadventures are caught on tape. Literally.  This vintage VHS of Fred was found in Odd Obsession, a local video rental store where “discriminating taste, to bad taste, to no taste at all–we have something for everyone!” One dedicated YouTuber took it upon himself to transfer and digitize the VHS giving it back to the YouTube archives for all to enjoy. You can really see where Fred’s Portlandia characters got their start. Love this.


Digital detox.

I first learned about “turning off” from my friend, filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, when she mentioned the Friday night “technology shabbat” in her film Connected. Her and her family turn off for a full 24 hours to spend time with each other and connect offline. In honor of that practice (which I admit I never do), I love Lovesocial’s 2012 Digital Detox event. While it started on Dec. 24th, joining late is encouraged. I couldn’t see going a FULL 8 DAYS offline, could you? It’s really encouraging me to maximize my time online and rethink the ideal “relaxation” surfing. What do you think? Could you go a full 8 days? Is turning off from technology your resolution? Could you really make a meal and resist documenting on Instagram? I don’t think I could join a digital detox and not live-tweet it.

I guess that means I need it.

Digital Detox