Mad Men: Set Me Free

About: Sung by your favorite female characters, Mad Men: Set Me Free is a musical mash up by Marc Faletti (@marcfaletti) and Elisa Kreisinger (PopCulturePirate). 

Link on Vimeo.

Link on YouTube. (Note: Embedding on YouTube has been disabled due to wrongful copyright infringement claim. Please use the Vimeo link.)

5 comments on “Mad Men: Set Me Free

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  2. Adrienne says:

    Love Mad Men, but the producer of the show Matt Weiner is a control freak. Love your remake vids. Wish I was more techno saavy like youl

  3. [...] than selling traditional masculinity.” To supplement this project, Kreisinger created a music video featuring the ladies of “Mad Men”: “By framing the female characters from Mad Men [...]

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  5. [...] who’s been remixing popular TV shows to a feminist sensibility. Her latest collaboration—a supercut of the women of “Mad Men” to the Supremes’ “Keep Me Hangin’ On”—is pretty [...]

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