Project Report from the Field.

This project report was inspired by this report Nina Paley made at the DIY Days event in Philadelphia.  I created this three page project report on remix communities, the challenges and the environment for distribution. Below is a summary of my findings. If you’d like the full report email me @ elisa.kreisinger at gmail dot com.


Political Remix Videos redefine and recontextualize proprietary content in an effort to build upon collective cultural knowledge but their creators are also on the front lines of the battle between new media technologies and impeding copyright laws. My findings in this report reflect the experiences of artists who navigate the murky waters to continually demonstrate the importance of remix as a vital art form.

Three challenges emerging from these findings include:

1. The continued lack of consistency in determining what
a Fair Use of copyrighted content is, resulting in
sporadic YouTube removals and unwarranted DMCA
2. The absence of women’s contribution to the history of
remix as we know it today. Women have been making
critiques of popular culture before the remix supplementing was acceptable. They
should be recognized for doing so.
3. The strict boundaries and concept of copyright law. It
reinforces a fetishism of originality, where the only
avenues for creativity confine the potential for creators
to build upon existing culture.