Words conveying information.

One skill I’m trying to learn is brevity and succinctness in my thoughts, ideas and explanations while still trying to have fun and not take myself too seriously.

I’m studying my recent interview with Public Knowledge and reading the blog post on remix I wrote for their site.

This video on remix as activism by Jonathan is fairly succinct and to the point. He clearly articulates his thesis, that remix is a tool for creative cultural critique, and deviates only slightly to show examples…while this one by Francesca Coppa is a fast moving portrait of vidding herstory. I love her presentation style; blunt, funny, and easy to understand where she’s going with the whole thing. It’s two hours long but I keep watching because her dry sarcastic wit is smart and engaging; never a cheap joke.

Meanwhile, a google search turned up Great Presentations: in 9 Words where, if you scroll down to the comments section you’ll read first hand the brawl over  presentation tips. Speaking of taking oneself seriously, two ‘professional’ presenters passive-aggressively duke it out over who’s more  correct.

“Denise — I will cherish this moment. I think this is the first time you and I agree on something. That said, I would tweak something you said: Tell the audience what you know that they need to know….And as I said, there’s a lot more I could have shared. But step one was NINE WORDS. (Maybe you and I could collaborate on an e-book on “giving great presentations”. Nah, we’d never agree on what should be in it).”