L-Word Syndrom?

After my post about Carrie Bradshaw syndrome and the unconscious effects of watching too much hetero-haute, I received this response via email from a blog reader. I think her response is witty and revealing of the psycho-social effects of being a fan.
I can’t decide if I’m disappointed or relieved by the lack of lesbian visibility on television. Don’t misunderstand me, I am completely sick and tired of the heterosexually-structured norms that have been fueling television romances and story lines for the last half-century. I think it’s sad that our media is so obviously LGBT-deficient. But, at the same time, if I hear another fucking girl compare  me to a character on The L Word, I am going to kidnap Ilene Chaiken and expose her to rabies.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved The L Word. It was groundbreaking and provocative. For six years, I fell in and out of love with those women. But, all the while, I understood that The L Word was a fabrication, a glossed-over crock of shit. It was beautiful, but it wasn’t real. Sadly, due largely to the fact that most people can’t help but become entirely brainwashed by pretty things in the media, I feel like I have dated far too many women who have not yet gotten passed the illusion of The L Word. And since it is one of the lesbian community’s few options on television, they tend to really live by happenings of these fictional characters.
I am opinionated, aggressive, and have a degree in Art History. I direct a gallery, collect art, and like fashion. Those things combined do not make me Bette Porter. Yet still, too many women treat me like I’m her. Some of my flings were always waiting to catch me cheating on them, surely due to Bette’s infidelity. One girl went as far as to assume that I was half black. And, by god, if I grab dinner with another “Tina,” I am going to scream.
Once, after successfully convincing one girl that I was not at all like Bette, I mentioned that I wasn’t really looking to be part of a monogamous relationship and her exact reply was, “So, you’re more like Shane.” Are you fucking kidding me?
Trust me, being around people who insist on diagnosing you with Bette Porter Syndrome is far worse than actually having Carrie Bradshaw Syndrome. I’ve heard that Showtime will soon be releasing a reality-version of The L Word, again, I’m not sure if I’m excited or scared.