CMS talk this week.

This Thursday I’ll be speaking at MIT’s 2009 Fall Comparative Media Studies Colloquia.

The series is intended to provide an informal exchange between CMS faculty, students and figures from academia, industry, and the art world.  The sessions is free and open to the public!

CMS program has an amazing database of past speakers including my personal favorite, Junot Diaz. He and I met briefly after his wonderful, inspiring, unscripted talk last year. He’s my public speaking idol. Smart, sarcastic, witty and throws in the occasional curse word.

The talks are recorded and broadcast via Podcast and they’ve got 24-hour turn around time, so if you can’t make it, you’ll find it Friday on podcast.

Political Remix Video: A Participatory Post-Modern Critique of Popular Culture
Elisa Kreisinger

Remixers are on the front lines of the battle between new media technologies and impeding copyright laws that threaten to obstruct the public discursive space for critiquing popular culture. These spaces are abundant with meticulously crafted and articulate video remixes that deconstruct social myths, challenge dominant media messages and form powerful arguments reflecting the participatory nature of both pop and remix cultures. We’ll deconstruct these videos, honor the history of female fan vidders and the influences of African-American hip-hop cultures and debate the remix’s ability to effect actual change.