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Busy Week!

This week I finished the first SATC remix, wrote a blog post for BravoFan, and gave a talk at MIT. (Check out my YouTube playlist for the talk here.)

BravoFan is a space dedicated to the content of Bravo, a TV network owned by NBC Universal. For those of us looking for more concrete examples that misogyny still exists, BravoFan makes it easier to find posts about shows like “Date my Ex” and “Millionaire Matchmaker”. “Inside the Actor’s Studio” maybe the only legit show the network airs…and by legit I mean not targeted to just women and gay men, of course.

Are they completely independent of the Bravo franchise or is their relationship symbiotic? A channel known for hideous product placement and shameless ‘integrated’ marketing, Bravo’s commercials not only push products but it’s content does too! There’s no distinction on their site but I wouldn’t be surprised if BravoFan and the network have established a mutually beneficial agreement.

What I enjoy about BravoFan is that it encourages a lively comment culture on it’s posts and creates a space for fans to  critically dissect and examine Bravo’s content, which often promotes misogynistic forms of beauty and endorses, supports and glorifies societal expectations for both men and women. The site appreciates it’s participants by profiling those most active in the discussion. My all time favorite profiles are from the unexpected young-male Bravo fans like Danny.

Most of the content is written by Maria Diaz of b5 media, a “global new media network featuring a wide variety of topics…one of the largest blog networks in the world.”

Maria is lovely. The description of her company…a little scary.