Storytelling through Remix

I’ve been thinking alot about telling stories using existing narratives in the context of remixing. How can remixers tell a new, well developed story by re-purposing the originals?

This overlaps somewhat with the ever-trendy transmedia storytelling topic that’s been heavily talked, tweeted and tracked. I found this video from DIY Days LA interesting because Elan Lee (Co-Founder and Chief Designer at Fourth Wall Studios) bluntly admits that the first steps in transmedia storytelling haven’t been good.

Successfully developing a new method of storytelling means time is needed to work out the kinks…but in the mean time, what lessons can be learned from past failures in tranmedia storytelling and can any by applied to remix?

Will the new model of transmedia storytelling make remixing much easier as there will be more readily available content for complex story lines and characters?

I have some issues with transmedia, mostly that it creates media franchises to engage target audiences in new and “interesting” ways to sell products.  I wonder if it’s the spawn of product placement.


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