I must admit that when I first heard the term transmedia, I got real excited because I thought it was related to media made by trans people, ie transgendered or “transexuals”. Trans people continue to queer the gender paradigm, illustrating that gender and sexuality aren’t inherent but performative. For example, a trans man (F-M) attracted to women isn’t what we would classify as ‘straight’, or ‘gay’, for that matter. But that mind-fuck of messing with and subverting what we all thought was so fixed and predetermined is queering. So, I was real excited to see some queer’d media made by trans people, called, transmedia.

Well, that’s not what transmedia is.

Transmedia (as defined by Henry Jenkins in his 2006 book Convergence Culture ) is storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctive contributions to an understanding of the story world. By using different media formats, it attempts to create “entry points” through which consumers can become immersed in a story world. The aim of this immersion is decentralized authorship. (wikipedia)

I’m working on Sex and the Remix Season 2 now. While Sex and the City had a huge following and tapped a virgin market (pun intended), it didn’t attract a participatory fan following that created vids and remixes, comic books and alternate reality games that contributed to a distinct understanding of the story. However, the story did expand through different types of  formats. The first narrative incarnation of Sex and the City was a column in the NY Observer. Then the story was expanded into a book, then into six seasons of an HBO series, which had enough “entry points” for consumers (ie, markets) to be made into a movie. Just as previous incarnations of the characters took place, I too have expanded the story in the remix.

Day dreaming, the Sex and the Remix Series would spawn into a legit TV series, Queer in the City, that encourages audiences decentralized participation through remix, vids, etc. The premise is the 4 women come out later in life, kinda like that lady who came out this week.

…just an idea of where transmedia + remix concepts can go in terms of storytelling and a hope for it’s more subversive, queer future.