I finished up teaching a Fair Use and Copyrights class at Cambridge Community Television and wanted to passing along my resource list. It’s important for online video producers to understand Fair Use because it protects free speech and allows them to legally use copyrighted culture for comment, illustration, critique among other things. In Cambridge we are lucky enough to have an extremely lively and active community television station that promotes locally grown video and offers trainings to help community members navigate the often sticky waters of media production and distrobution. But regardless of location, producers need to be aware that Fair Use is a case by case judgment call, which you can help make yourself based on the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video.

Looking for copyright-free music for your videos? Check out this post.

Here’s my full post.

Because most of the members at CCTV are documentary focused, I featured this video from the Documentary Filmmaker’s Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use as well from Center For Social Media.