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Next week I’ll be speaking on a panel on the subject of Open Video at the 2010 SxSW film and interactive festival in Austin, TX.

What is Open Video and Why Does it Matter? Video cameras and desktop editing software are now cheap and ubiquitous, making it easy for casual computer users to speak to a mass audience. But online video is still mostly a glorified on-demand system–more like Internet TV than a truly participatory medium. The legal and technological battles surrounding online video are, at their core, battles for the future of the Internet, innovation, and free expression.

The panel also includes:

Elizabeth Stark (Open Video Alliance / Yale University)
Jesse Dylan (FreeForm)
Mark Surman (Mozilla Foundation)
Zahavah Levine (YouTube)

And now, two gendered favorites from this week in pop-culture:

Who said YouTube parodies had to be a dumbed down version of College Humor? Smart, blunt, hilarious. See more of her parodies here.