Immigrant Experiences

Cambridge is extremely supportive of new immigrants, offering free ESL classes, advice on enrolling new students into the school system and providing support to those navigating the city’s various resources like museums and hospitals.

One program I got involved with through my work at our community television station was Cambridge READS, a citywide book club that promotes discussion around an issue of local importance. This years book is Colored People by Henry Louis Gates, the Harvard professor and Cambridge resident arrested for allegedly breaking into his own home. The year before was Julia Alvarez’s How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, a book that sparked discussion of immigration, assimilation and cultural identity in Cambridge.

CCTV interviewed previous, recent and youth immigrants and asked them to share their stories of transition in an effort to promote discussion around issues of race and ethnic identity and how to find support in Cambridge. The profiles took 2+ years to make and I’m so happy to share a 2 of the three below.