QueerCarrie Final episode.

I finally finished the year-long project that was QueerCarrie. I was not a fan of the feminist-lite franchise but I was intrigued by the societal expectations it set forth for women, hetero-heavy narrative not withstanding. The series was ripe for remixing thanks to an all  female cast, character-driven story focused on a deconstruction of social norms and a voice over to manipulate and bend at my will. I work with heavily gendered sources like Sex and the City because it is so easily disregarded as chick-flick nonsense. While not revolutionary or defiant of stereotypes, the series has potential: in each episode, the female characters spend an enormous amount of time dissecting each others’ social expectations and behavior. By editing out existing heterosexual innuendos and male characters, I wanted to create an alternative narrative not typically associated with the original source material.

(SATC’s somewhat subversive roots also include inhibited and frank talk of sexuality and accurate and honest portrayal of female friendship but it was all quickly overwritten by the search for a man and an obsessive self-identification with consumer goods. The narrative then falls flat in an effort to appease a franchise.)

The final chapter in the QueerCarrie remix narrative.