This weekend I drove my cat + all my belongings in a 17 ft truck from Cambridge to Brooklyn through rush hour(s) traffic. I now have sympathy, or more appropriately, understanding and compassion for truck drivers: segregated to specific roadways, cursed at by drivers, bikers and pedestrians and forced to co-exist in a world of mid-sized sedans. Long story short: I’m never fucking doing this again. But I have compassion.

Brooklyn has a lot of places to stand and chat on your iPhone because you most likely don’t get service indoors. I’m debating whether or not to move on to an Android on another network + I find this video very convincing, however, just like all movies, this gets a little fucked up towards the end.

Just like the female (of course) character who just wants the newest iPhone, my brand loyality is based on insecurity and right now, I’m growing increasingly insecure:”Did you move here for a job?” (No.), “Do you go to Pratt?” (Ouch.)) “New York is very different from Cambridge” (No shit.).

My iPhone and I have been through a lot together. I’ve transitioned cities but phones & services providers, that’s another story.