rebranding the douchebag.



subject!….with, you know, a life and interests!

Doesn’t it remind you of an American Girl Doll?

It’s well known that AA CEO, Dov Charney, is a douche bag who’s been slapped with multiple sexual assault lawsuits but last week he issued a Million Dollar Confidentiality Agreement to AA employees which carries a $1 million penalty if they talk to the media. Alas, this is not confirmed but because sex doesn’t really sell to women when it’s unwanted, non-consensual or associated with someone who looks like this

….American Apparel is changing their tune. Long gone is the hyper-sexual, on-a-mattress, child pornography look. Welcome to the new style standards, a re-branding technique designed to rekindle the days of yor, when a CEO’s multiple sexual partners/models/staff didn’t complain about being objectified, harassed or coerced into sex but instead, were quietly submissive and sex with the boss was equivalent to a promotion, an extension of the boardroom and as respectable as a polo.