in anticipation.

I don’t have cable TV yet and thus, have yet to catch the first two episodes of this seasons Mad Men. Instead, I’m dreaming up the possibilities of where the story lines are going now that it’s a new era.

(ps. I can’t believe this user disabled embedding, then put in an ad. So bad. So low. But endure and watch on YouTube b/c I couldn’t find it anywhere else.)

In his interview with Terry Gross on NPR, Mathew Weiner talks Don Draper and the thing he’s sure men do all the time but never hears about but is sure it happens anyway.


The show has a predominately female writing staff, yet interviews are taken unapologetically with Weiner only.

Now, I’m not one to start accusing men of being douche bags without justification, however, the last time he started giving credit to his female writing partner, all hell broke loose. He’s an amazing writer and obviously has found the right group to help support and ground his ideas…it’d just be great to actually hear about and from them. THIS MAKES THE SHOW MORE ACCESSIBLE TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE…have you ever seen a guy mad-men himself and make it his avatar? I don’t think so.