Artists I Love: Marije Vogelzang

Marije Vogelzang’s work borders on performance, design and food. She couldn’t pick which to focus on so she’s combined them into her own field of study and exploration resulting in Proef, based in the Netherlands. I first found her on PopTech (a great resource for other innovative + inspiring talks) and embedded the video below.

Why I think she’s great:

1. She’s been able to create a sustainable business model for her work which revolves around a discourse she’s created solely for herself: Eating Design

2. Her work is constantly evolving: she’s opened restaurants based on slow, local, healthy food with unique concepts, the concepts, of course not being that it’s slow, local and healthy. That’s already a given. My favorite evolution of her work is the Pasta Sauna she performed in New York last year.

The Pasta Sauna is a space you can enter and enjoy a bowl of freshly cooked pasta, while the boiling water steams your surroundings, creating a sauna. Not only will the pasta make you feel lazy and slow, but the sauna as well!

3. The results are simple, sarcastic and edible. Doesn’t it get better? Like these cupcakes that tell you the blunt truth, yet are irresistible….

… or these