I’m thankful for: My health. Because if the government’s full body airport scanner doesn’t give you cancer, your cellphone might and your laptop will definitely deplete your sperm count.

I’m thankful for: Privilege Denying Dude, and his creator, 20-year-old web developer and vegan feminist Diana Lopez.

The PDD tumblr was removed due to copyright violations but you can still participate in making your own here. The ensuing drama is worth a read, if you missed it or haven’t been at your computer every minute since Monday morning. Here’s perhaps the best clip, via Tiger Beatdown:

“… I read the deluge of commentary from real life Privilege Denying Dudes who wanted this meme scrubbed completely from the Internet. Not the avalanche of racist, sexist, ableist memes that metastasize through the Internet at large: no, no, no, those are obviously free speech. But the concept that marginalized people might be using their jokes against them, OH FUCK CALL THE PRESIDENT SOMEONE NEEDS TO SHUT THE INTERNET DOWN.”

With the outrage of the take downs came more templates like this one of Getty images CEO Jonathan Klein by Jonathan.

I’m thankful for: Jean Teasdale and A Site of Jean’s Own!!!! Jean Teasdale is a fictional Onion contributor. And by fictional, I mean fabulous. We had the pleasure of meeting again few weeks ago, in person!!!

I’m thankful for: Snookie’s contribution to the Women and Gender Studies cannon.

“Guys are douchebags and I hate them all. They don’t know how to deal with women, and I feel, that’s why the lesbian rate is going up in this country.”

I’m thankful for: This Seinfeld Remix: You can find part 2 here.

I’m thankful for: This 1988 AMAZING interview with Madonna and Sandra Bernhard appeared on Letterman. Such a gem.

I’m thankful for: The latest writings and musings of the Video Remix community (my work’s not mentioned in this article, per se, but the author said, via email, that it applied to his findings. Maybe next time he’ll decide throw it in!)

I’m especially thankful: The vidding community and their response to the above article.

I’m thankful for: The feminist blogosphere and writers like Tracy Clarke Flory for holding down the fort in ‘traditional’ publications like Salon.

I’m thankful for: In Treatment. Because I always feel better exploring other people’s issues. And who doesn’t love Debra Winger?


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