If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Everyone’s up in arms about Sucker Punch but I don’t think we make enough fantasy films for 13 yr old boys & even less that are misleadingly positioned as female empowerment. Parents should feel GOOD about paying for their teen’s consumption of action-packed ‘dream sequences’ about young women coping and surviving under constant threat of rape & murder by grown men.

Is it because this seems like it’s a misogynistic film?  Well you’re wrong: in a recent interview with the director, Zach Snyder says that he was attempting to “critically deconstruct… and question the puzzling acceptance of institutional sexism and lechery.”

Or is it that this seems like one more example of the over-sexualization of women in pop culture? If so, you’re missing the point: we need to use some of these clichés to tell that story. Only by showing nymphets pole-dancing their way out of male captivity will we be able to teach young men that they can get what they want through holding women hostage, if not physically then psychologically.  If we don’t teach men these important societal survival skills of privilege now, then when?

Happy April 1st.


One thought on “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

  1. I am starting my own popular culture I really like your point of view. Growing up in a family of all boys I would have to admit how eye opening it was when one of my brother’s had a baby girl, and realizing that she will have to go through so many more things just because she’s a female. I can also admit that at two years old she is already a stronger person than I am, female and all. I am going to support and follow your blog. Thank you.

    Popfab Team

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