it’s everywhere…

…for better or for worse.

Just believe me when I tell you it wasn’t worth the read nor was it even about remix



If you’re in Boston, I’m speaking at the National Conference on Media Reform tomorrow, Saturday April 9th at 9 AM on remix vs/& copyright culture.

“Men’s physiology defines most sports, their needs define auto and health insurance coverage, their socially designed biographies define workplace expectations and successful career patterns, their perspectives and concerns define quality in scholarship, their experiences and obsessions define merit, their objectification of life defines art, their military service defines citizenship, their presence defines family, their inability to get along with each other—their wars and rulerships—defines history, their image defines god, and their genitals define sex.”

– Feminist legal scholar Catharine MacKinnon

“Men have defined key copyright concepts such as “authorship,” “protectability,” “infringement,” and all of the other precepts, terms, and conditions of copyright law.”

– Ann Bartow,  Associate Professor of Law, University of South Carolina School of Law.



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