Favorite Video Remixes OF ALL TIME.

There’s a lot of crap out there, like this repulsive studio-made remix. If I’m having a bad day scrolling the ‘Tube, these palette cleansers always renew my faith in the interweb.

Bronte Sister’s Power Dolls is the perfect mixture of aggression, bluntness and camp mixed to ironically mimic those  highly gendered Saturday morning cartoon ads.

I actually like this Ting Tings remixed with 70’s and 80’s music better than the original song and this accompanying music video is just icing on the cake.

Ca-learly Barbie left Ken for the lesbian separatist commune in the forest.

I love this mash up ABOUT mash ups. It’s meta and VERY catchy if you can understand some of the abrupt lyrics.

Using 48 different visual sources, this remix gives the viewer a full range of gendered media clichés meticulously organized and edited to successfully mock the notion of true gender identity.

This amazing Yes Men re-dubbed video interview with Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) CEO Patricia Woertz did not sit well with the agro-business giant – they filed a takedown notice to have it removed from Youtube. There are more economic, government and corporate leaders being brutally honest ways about real problems and solutions here.

Another supercut through the world of gender cliches, this old skool one made by the video collective Paul Harvey Oswald who’ve been making ‘collages’ under Fair Use since 1994!

AreFadedAway’s One Girl Revolution is one of my most favorite vid remixes. She uses 155 female characters to celebrate women as agents, actively using their bodies as subjects rather than objects. The video was removed from it’s original posting site, Imeem, when they infamously told creators there was simply no money in hosting their videos anymore.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few but these are definitely the ones  I’ve thought about first thing upon awaking from my slumber.

What are your favorite remixes?


4 thoughts on “Favorite Video Remixes OF ALL TIME.

  1. I love this collection! It’s so awesome to see these– especially ones that seem so meticulous— they must have taken so many hours. (One girl revolution blows my mind)

    This is one of my favorites that I found from— I love it because it is exactly how I feel about 300.

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