High Quality DVD Rips

I’ve been ripping a lot of DVDs lately both for my media library and for current and eventual remix projects. I thought I’d share my settings for ripping high quality footage from DVDs for use in remixing since it took some time to figure out and I didn’t find any screenshots already on the web.

I used Handbrake for this process instead of Mac The Ripper. Handbrake is free and if you don’t have the most up to date software on your computer, you might want to try downloading an older version of the software.

  1. Download and install Handbrake
  2. Insert DVD into drive
  3. Select ‘Source’ + then your DVD
  4. Click Apple TV in the right side present window
  5. Move quality slider to 62%
  6. Uncheck “large file size” (I don’t have this feature on my older version but do on a newer version, FYI)

The process takes some time and requires a degree of babysitting. In the end, however, you’ll have beautiful looking, DVD quality MP4 files.

Mad Men Season 2 Episode 7


6 thoughts on “High Quality DVD Rips

    • I’ll let you know this weekend! I’m trying to figure out a work around so they don’t freeze up FCP or need rendering. Of course and as always, working with smaller clips in FCP works more efficiently than larger files or whole episodes.

  1. Lindsey Collins says:

    Elisa, thanks for this! I’ve used it a bunch! Because my version of Handbrake doesn’t have a quality slider in %, I looked up “constant quality” which is what my version does offer. CQ goes from a huge number on the left to 0 on the right, rather than offering quality in %. Here’s what handbrake has to say about it.
    tldr, use 20. It also might explain why you get such good results with 62%, which on the face of it seems like it would lead to a lot of data loss.

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