High Quality DVD Rips (part 2)

Last week’s post was dedicated to ripping DVDs while still maintaining high quality resolution for use in video remixing or any video editing endeavor. Today I want to focus on what you do with that file once it’s ripped.

First off, you’ll be starting with an mp4 file. Next you’ll need to download MPEG Streamclip. It’s a free download so just drag that to your applications folder and launch.

The next steps are outlined in the video tutorial below. If you’re already familiar with MPEG Streamclip and just want the settings I used to export the files, there’s a screenshot below. In the end, you’ll have really nice looking Final Cut Pro-ready files that won’t need rendering and are remix-ready.

Note: I used Screencast-o-Matic for this tutorial. I don’t endorse them or anything, just wanted to pass it on as a resource for sharing your own tech skills with other women in the community. It was a quick and free application that recorded both audio and video and didn’t require downloading any software.


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