A day from the future…

Where men help with the child care! Where barriers to technology are invisible! A day when the internet works when and where you want it to. A time where everything is a touch screen. A future where there’s no limits to accessing entertainment and cultural texts. And a future where we all live in glass houses, and thus, can’t throw stones.

This commercial really makes me feel these things (omg, is that…hope?) but really, all I walk away with is a piece of glass.

What I’m hoping a day from the future will look like sooner rather than later is a mutual understanding of time and space. All our co-workers, colleagues and bosses utilize emotional spell check for email and no longer have the excuse “but that’s not how I meant it” for passive aggressive emails. And everyone’s adopted the Email Charter to help save and protect our endangered organized inboxes. Is that too much to ask? Probably. Especially since neither have a fancy commercial advocating for their adoption.


3 thoughts on “A day from the future…

  1. Simonsbuddy says:

    Note that the couple is safely MARRIED. and the kids go to Catholic school.
    Couple is japanese-american, it seems.
    Interesting subtexts.
    Still driving cars, though…not THAT technically advanced, are they?

  2. Cold smooth surfaces. The fridge was awesome, and throwing grandma’s phone call on the table top. I can safely say I don’t want this future for myself.

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