Prepping for the Emmys

Jane Lynch will host the Emmys this Sunday at 5/8EST. She’s wearing a tux in some ads and a gown in others for those who appreciate gender as a performance.


In preparation for this TV award show that celebrates the TV industry, you will need to keep the following on your radar:

  1. Overrated White Dudes – a brand new blog whose submissions will no doubt triple on Sunday night.
  2. A handy ballot to keep track of who wins (and who wasn’t even nominated). Please consider the political environment and print this.
  3. A new study released by the Director’s Guild of America that proves white guys get a lot of work in the industry.
  • Lesli Linka Glatter, co-chair of the diversity committee at the DGA, says    “We’ve heard the excuses from those responsible for hiring that they don’t want to take a chance on a new director.  But the truth is that the industry hires new directors all the time; it’s just that most of them are white males.”

I applaud Glatter for her statement, however, it’s just a tad scary that the leader of the diversity committee is an executive producer of The Playboy Club. The truth is there’re just too many dicks on the dance floor.


130 new directors were hired last season and 78% were white men. I highlighted some of the important aspects of the review below.

The following shows hired NO WOMEN or PEOPLE OF COLOR directors this season:

• Bored to Death (HBO)
• Burn Notice (TVM Productions/Fox)
• Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
• Fringe (Warner Bros.) *
• iCarly (Uptown Productions/MTV/Viacom) *
• Justified (Woodridge Productions/CPT Holdings/Sony)
• Leverage (Leverage Productions)
• Victorious (Uptown Productions/MTV/Viacom)
• Weeds (Weeds Productions) *

*  = these shows are about women.

The following shows hired women or people of color to direct at least 30% of episodes:

• The Middle (Warner Bros.) – 63% Female creators and showrunners
• Hung (HBO) – 60% – female co-creator and showrunner
• In Treatment (HBO) – 54% – female creator
• 90210 (CBS) – 45%
• Treme (HBO) – 45%
• The Good Wife (CBS) – 39% – female co-creator and showrunner
• Drop Dead Diva (Woodridge Productions/CPT Holdings/Sony) – 38%
• CSI: NY (CBS) – 36%- female showrunners?
• Private Practice (ABC) – 36% – female creator and showrunner
• Rules of Engagement (Montrose Productions/CPT Holdings/Sony) – 35%
• Nurse Jackie (Nurse Productions/Lions Gate) – 33% – female creator and showrunner
• Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – 32% – female creator and showrunner
• CSI: Miami (CBS) – 32%
• In Plain Sight (NBC) – 31%
• Mad Men (U.R.O.K. Productions/Lions Gate) – 31%
• 30 Rock (NBC) – 30% – female creator

The pretty good news:

  1. Jacque Edmonds Colfer’s Let’s Stay Together is a 100% female directed show on BET.
  2. Eileen Heisler and DeAnne Heline’s show, The Middle, is directed by women 63% of the time.

Despite the good news, the bottom line is clear. Women need to hire women. Otherwise there’re too many [white] dicks on the dance floor.





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