Why I Cut Cable TV

I purchased cable tv expecting to find the high-quality programming one associates with subscription-only networks. Then I realized I was only watching empty calorie content like Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars, Real Housewives of Many Affluent Cities, and Say Yes to the Dress. Why? Because they were on all the time.

Then I went to Slut Walk (NYC) followed by Occupy Wall Street on Wednesday. I turned on the TV after arriving home from both events and there was limited, and pretty terrible, coverage of both (except maybe for this).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Clearly I wasn’t missing any sort of ‘breaking news’ coverage, which was always my default excuse. In fact, the DIY video made on the ground was uploaded quicker than network news sites could cover it.

Meanwhile, I was never home to catch the shows I actually wanted to watch, like The Good Wife and… The Good Wife.  Why pay so much for so little?

I cut the cable TV. Purchased a VGA adapter with an audio output. Hooked it up to my MacBook Pro laptop via mini DisplayPort. Plugged the audio into headphone jacks on both devices. Now I watch TV on my TV but it’s streaming via YouTube or Hulu or any other site that has video via my computer. Easy. Done.

There are a bunch of ways to hook up your computer to your TV. After reading through the rabbit hole of online forums, I found my original VGA way to be the cheapest and easiest to set up. And it works. The first time. Every time.

Now I pay $30/month for internet only. I’m funneling that extra savings into my retirement account so I can pay someone to keep me updated on technology when I’m 80.

But what about movies? Did your Netflix bill go up? With the company changes, do you plan to do streaming only? Download from file-sharing sites? Do tell.

*UPDATE: I plugged my coaxle cable right into my TV and got 200 channels. No On Demand but that’s what the internet is for. I encourage you to cut the cord on cable, too!


One thought on “Why I Cut Cable TV

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