3 Reasons Why Women Make the Best Remixers

Women, and feminists in particular, have always felt misrepresented by the media. Our characters are side kicks, boobs pushed up to our chins, yet some how one-dimensional. As a result, we have been at the forefront of talking back to pop-culture through appropriation and video works, starting with Kandy Fong in 1975 and Dara Burnbaum in 1976.

Why do women make the best remix?

  1. There’s a small learning curve: we’re already highly critical of the media and images we consume as women, feminists and critical thinkers.
  2. We constantly compromise our politics to be entertained and thus, understand the complexity of being both a fan of pop-culture but also a critic of it at the same time.
  3. We are supported by a huge online community of other women and (men!) who are excited to see re-articulations of tired tropes and are happy to watch and share our work.

So why should you remix?

  • For women and girls, especially, it’s a way to talk back to branded affirmations of beauty, take back our identities from corporate commodification, and create better stories about women that don’t revolve around men.
  • It’s a way to make media that speaks to us and closes the gap between feminist and fan, consumer and critic so that we will no longer have to compromise our politics to be entertained.
  • Finally, by creating the types of feminist stories we want to see, in addition to talking, reading and blogging about them, we can make a departure from the approach where we drill down on negative images of women in the media. An approach that often left me with the notion that media is bad and I’m a victim of it. An approach that often left me really depressed. When we see media that represents our ideas and values, we feel more invested in our community. For women, critical thinkers and feminists, this is a powerful alternative.

PS: MISSrepresentation is a powerful new film featuring feminist friend, Jenn Pozner. Find a screening near you. It’s worth the watch!


5 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Women Make the Best Remixers

      • Sounds good. I’m open for whatever constraints you wish to put on it. How about no longer than 1 minute long? You can come up with a few more.

        As for a judge, it’s usually obvious (And I’ll concede when I know I’m beat). I enter these friendly competitions not so much to win or lose, but more to push each other into making something awesome. Plus it’s a lot of fun. Mind if I bring in Valdez on this?

      • One minute long and must not make the main female lead look pathetic.


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        Talking backto pop-culture with better stories about women that don’t revolve around men (or babies).

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