Meryl Streep & Diablo Cody: Serenity Now

I had a rough week. Did you? I feel like it’s that time of year. Thankfully these two interviews helped me keep it real.

This interview with Meryl Streep restored my faith in female solidarity – I love the fact that she negotiated with Vogue, agreeing only to shoot the cover if some other powerful women were profiled, too.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

My colleague and friend Melissa Silverstein over at Women And Hollywood did a fantastic interview with Diablo Cody on flawed female characters and feminism in the film industry. Cody is a co-chair of the Athena Film Festival, a weekend dedicated to women-made movies I’m involved with happening at Barnard College in February. I love this excerpt – it’s always nice to remember you’re not alone/crazy.

“The conventional knowledge in Hollywood is that an unsympathetic female character can tank a movie.  I’m hoping that’s not true… The idea of a cold, unlikeable woman or a woman who is not in control of herself is genuinely frightening to people because it threatens civilization itself or threatens the American family. 

But I don’t know why people are always willing to accept and even like flawed male characters.  We’ve seen so many loveable anti-heroes who are curmudgeons or addicts or bad fathers and a lot of those characters have become beloved icons and I don’t see women allowed to play the same parts.  So it was really important to me to try and turn that around.”

My favorite fabulous flawed females that remain likable in our cultural consciousness include Murphy Brown, Elaine Benes, Betty Draper and Kalinda Sharma but real life Streep & Cody came to my rescue this week. Who are some of the strong women and/or flawed female characters that keep you sane?

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