HBO series “Girls” is remix ready.

The trailer for the HBO series Girls has remix written all over it…and I’m not saying this because it’s being touted as the recession version of Sex and the City.

I’m happy that Lena Dunham, of Tiny Furniture fame, has written and directed her own TV series for HBO at age 24. The show features Dunham as Hannah, a 24-year-old living in New York City and struggling to get by despite believing she is a voice of her generation. Or a generation.

What I see ripe for remix about this series is:

a. Another story about Straight White Girl Problems with a dose of

b. I Get By With A Little Help From My Parents syndrome sprinkled with

c. I Went To College And Everyone Said Things Would Be Different For Me perspective.

I hope I’m wrong; I hope the trailer is wildly misleading and it’s not a copy/paste of the lovable white-boy slacker role onto a liberal-arts-educated female lead. No one likes wearing hand-me downs, especially ill-fitting ones that weren’t all that great in the first place.

I also hope I’m wrong because it feeds into the stereotype of my peers and our millennial generation as narcissistic, entitled college grads who’ve never worked for much of anything and still expect results. At the first sign of failure (or conflict or hardship) we conveniently blame those around us hourly via twitter and facebook updates. This is widely different from the millennials I know who walked out of school to protest the Iraq & Afghan wars, who rebooted feminism, launched start ups & Occupied Wall Street.

image via New York Magazine

Make a new narrative in a way we haven’t seen yet instead of shooting the same stories for a different demographic. Then it would really be the voice of a generation. I’d love to see this trailer and/or series remixed into a story about post-Hope era millennial women sans navel gazing.


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