Opening a Vault of Video Content

Getty Images is unlocking parts of their massive vault of professionally archived (meaning easily searchable!) footage for use in their upcoming mishmash competition.

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

I’m not into the competition aspect of this thing but am down with stocking up on high quality b-roll, cutaways and unwatermarked archival content for future remixing use! You never know when you’re going to need a shot of prominent Muslim feminist Shukria Barakzai voting with red card in a room full of men in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Or video of women from 1910 in long dresses and huge hats doing unladylike activities like hopping over fences.

Or Kim Cattrall talking about how she only takes roles she feels are feminist & good for women.

Of course all of this footage can be used at any time outside of this silly Getty publicity event under Fair Use (but finding it without their logo watermark is getting difficult). In fact, back in 2008, in one of my first remixes, I relied heavily on Getty Image content, without their permission, to make a point: We can’t vote-in ‘change’ and it’s a stalled attempt at democracy to wait for change to be elected into the White House. I love when old work is still relevant.


So if you’re a remixer, artist, student, teacher, lawyer, arguer or just rely heavily upon video materials to prove your point, take a look through their archives and start pillaging!



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