Remix Right/Remix Wrong: Fashion Icons

I’ve been inspired by Hollywood icons of the past due to my necessary and productive obsession with Mad Men. With the roots of remix firmly placed in collage, I’ve been referencing these Now & Then collages that mash present day icons with their counterparts from the past.

Created by Swedish artist George Chamoun, the pictures aren’t manipulated in anyway, just carefully pieced together. But iIn case you still don’t get it, Chamoun lays it out for the viewer by simply stating, “what you see is a collage of two different people in each picture. Did it take me a long time to find the right pictures? Hell yes it did!”

No shit, George. But I appreciate your need to reinforce your time commitment to this seemingly simple project lest we utter the phrase every artist hates to hear, ‘hey, I could do that.’

Leave it to Diane von Furstenberg to do remix wrong.

Yesterday the wrap-dress creator unveiled her new spring ad campaign with faceless model mashups that focus on the garments, not the models wearing them. File this under remix used as budget-saving device. The worst part is the slogan accompanying the ads: “Be the woman you want to be.” DVF has been hitting the “essential woman” note hard lately.

I just hope only drag queens and men purchase this. That’ll be remix done right.


One thought on “Remix Right/Remix Wrong: Fashion Icons

  1. Love the work by Swedish artist George Chamoun because I love the era of classic beauty and dress (to quote Doris K: “they really dolled up back then. Not like today – Ah so”). Diane Von Furstenburg’s ad campaign for spring is not remix – the fashion message is bizarre. One can see the brillant genius in McQueen easliy, but there are also dark demonic aspects. I prefer the Augustianian concept of beauty – balance, harmony and wholeness

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