Library of Congress.

If you’ve ever tried to find a clip from a TV show or movie to make a point, illustrate an example or just laugh when you’re down, you know locating excerpts from specific shows online is hard as hell. Several organizations (and lobbyists?) have objected to the exemptions that allow creators to rip DVDs for fair use purposes (classrooms, remixing, documentary filmmaking, etc), claiming that there are now plenty of resources out there for finding the specific video clips you need to make your points and thus, ripping and excerpting DVDs shouldn’t be legal any longer.
 So I wrote up my arguments as to why all the oppositions’ solutions (like the pay-per-clip model) were totally bogus for making…anything of substance. The Library of Congress gets these things and then they make a decision. Besides deciding in favor of remixers, that decision should be a reality tv show because this every-three-year copyright protections case is bananas.
Here’s one of the gems EFF decided to highlight in the brief to the Library of Congress; they were really nice to open with a compliment.
But as renowned remix artist Elisa Kreisinger explains, “There is no way to know how many and which clips you’ll need ahead of time. This is like purchasing only specific vowels and consonants when really you need the whole alphabet in order to write something comprehensible.”
Of course the entire time I was ‘building my case’ I felt like Kalinda from The Good Wife. I tried to include an excerpt from this week’s episode to illustrate the connection but I couldn’t find one.
Next stop: testifying in DC.

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