Friday Fashion For Feminists: A Queer Act

Earlier this week I argued that remix in itself is a queer act. If a queer act can be defined as any act that challenges, questions, or provokes the normal, the acceptable, and the dominant, then remixes’ required rejection of the dominant and acceptable notions of copyright challenges the author/reader and owner/user binaries on which these notions are based. Remix demands that producers physically deconstruct copyright images, identities, and narratives to create new and transformative works, displacing and thus queering the binaries on which copyright, ownership, and authorship are based.

This approach of blurring boundaries, inspired by remix, heavily influenced this weeks Fashion For Feminists post.


One thought on “Friday Fashion For Feminists: A Queer Act

  1. Anonymous says:

    Girl with dragon tattoo. We think of Scandinavia of the land of blue eyed blondes with gorgeous bodies. Girl with the dragon tattoo blurs and remixes. So refreshing. Thank you Pop Culture Pirate.

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