Remix Gems: Hillary Texts.

In only 6 days, these remixed images made by Hillary fans have gone viral, getting coverage in the NYTimes and from Chelsea Clinton herself. The meme started last week at a DC gay bar by communication specialists Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe. A week later, Hill met with them and thanked them profusely for boosting her image with young voters free of charge and then quickly realized she’d have to support gay issues from now until forever.

My favorite remix images are below but you can see the entire collection here.

Remix: Texts From Hillary

Source Materials: Original Hillary photo by Diana Walker,  Time magazine photographer and rotating images of celebrities using their cell phones.

Why it’s Fair Use: The use of additive text transforms the original meaning of both photos, while the combination of two different and unrelated images craft a new message that depends for its meaning on the unlikely relationship between those images.


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