Subverting the Subverter

Kidult is famous for tagging the storefronts of high-end labels like Hermes and Louis Vuitton with a fire extinguisher full of paint and a simple phrase that conflicts with the capitalism the store represents. Marc Jacobs’ SoHo boutique was hit by the French graffiti artist last week but not to be out-done, Jacobs retaliated, Instagraming Kidult’s “Art” tag, putting it on a shirt and selling it for $689…$680 if signed by the artist. Kidult was outraged at the situation and took to twitter. Then the anger faded and he got in on the action,  making his own “Not Art” shirt (above).

If you thought the game of subverting the subverter ended with Marc Jacobs as the unfortunate winner, this week,  Wilfry made a shirt with an appropriated image of the Marc Jacobs’ shirt appropriating Kidult. He’s selling it for a discount rate of $35 (below).

Winner: Wilfry for setting up shop right outside the exit to the gift shop.


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