FFF: The Hair Cut.

I just found these amazing photos from 1957 of Susan Hull, a 17 year-old from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who decided to cut off her foot-long ponytail in favor for an Elvis Presley look. I love the mash up of the female fan, the masculine hair and the traditional woman’s wear.

According to LIFE magazine, her supportive boyfriend said “I could hang you for that.”

“If Michigan men were truly looking for someone to hang, however, they could have turned on Grand Rapids beautician Glenwood Dodgson, who created the new look for women—complete with stray locks dangling over the forehead and sideburns. Charging $ 1.50 a cut, Dodgson in March 1957 reported that he had made Presleys of a thousand women—ranging in age from three to sixty—in a six-week period.”

Source: Life, March 25, 1957


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