FFF: I’m Not Wearing Heels to This

Welcome to June. It’s wedding season and it’s likely that your sister, mother, brother, cousin or neighbor is getting married. If you’re in your early twenties, it’s also known as “They’re getting married? But they’re so young” month. For same-sex couples, weddings are now a chance to playfully bicker over who wears the pants suit like they’ve never thought about gender roles before. And for feminist attendees, weddings are an opportunity to once again feel mildly disappointed in our lack of work/life balance, taking it out on our closets before someone from college reminds us that judging ourselves is internalized patriarchy and we embrace how far we’ve come over cocktails at the open bar.

With the abundance of outdoor weddings these days (take that Catholic Church), stable footing isn’t even guaranteed.  So here’s the Friday Fashion for Feminist shoe guide to the wedding season.

Problem: No time to shave or do my toe nails (i.e. shoes that looks good with pants)

pants & black heels. / navy anchor. /pointed garden.raffia oxfords. / polka dot pump/flat

Problem: “I’ll be damned if I’m wearing heels to this thing… I don’t even like these people.”

(Or, “I love you both so much I know you’d want me to be comfortable and have fun.”)

leather hole punch flat. / ballerina gladiator. / blue t-strap. / two tone flat.

Problem: I need the height without the fashion-over-pain fight.

Flatform tan. / Flatform rose. / Flatform jute.

Not going to a wedding? I’ve been conducting a season-long research project for client-me on supportive city shoes. So far, I love Sundance, Sven and KorkEase for comfortable and classic walking shoes. Know of more? Let me know it the comments below.


One thought on “FFF: I’m Not Wearing Heels to This

  1. Adrienne says:

    Love the black strap pointy shoes with the flowing pants. One day I will get married in a Catholic Church and you can wear the outfit. Reception will be out of Portlandia with alot of top shelf alcohol, legal marijuana, delicious food, dancing, very high spirits, great music, beauty flowers, a hugh billowy tent and FASHION! Yay……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can’t wait.

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