Art Love: Martha Rosler

I’m redecorating my apartment. And by redecorating I actually mean decorating for the first time. I moved into my new space early last month and it’s taken me a lot longer than I expected to get organized. Last night I finally found the boxes where the decorations live. In it, my favorite Martha Rosler poster was torn but in tact enough rekindled my love and admiration for her work. This uplifting number is now hanging above my desk.

While recovering from pushing four push pins in the wall (I have a bad back) I found this New York Times interview with Rosler where she talks about her inspiration to mash up magazine ads with photos accompanying nearby articles on war time atrocities. Not surprisingly, my favorite part is where she talks about  her switch to video. Here she recalls, “it was cheap, it was easy and like all my work at this time, what I wanted to convey was ‘Look! This is easy. You can do this too.'”



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