The hardest thing is to do something close to nothing.



4 thoughts on “The hardest thing is to do something close to nothing.

  1. Thank you for sharing these clips in communion. i love how Franco seems to be in a competition (tho i cannot know, of course, of course), and then kinda just *gives*. “She trusts in her own art,” says Gaga, which is lovely, and i agree that it’s a fine definition of freedom. Gaga’s head bob near the end is brill. i need to see this film as part of my regular diet. Thanks, Elisa!!

  2. DL says:

    She’s unbelievable! Always been a huge fan of her work. It’s interesting that whenever we try to trace the contour of ‘nothingness’ we always bound deeply into all these great areas of meaning. Eg., look at all the portraits of people weeping! All the incredulity of viewers who question whether this work should enjoy the status of art. …In the trailer clip, she says “There’s only one question I didn’t hear since ten years: ‘Why is this art.'” I’ve enjoyed the company of a lot of Serbian friends, and often they pose questions with double negatives, unintentionally, which changes the meaning of the question entirely. The way to understand what she is saying is: “The question I’ve heard most in the past decade is: why is this art?” The works that make us ask that question are in fact the best ones. And can we answer?

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