Just in: SEVENTEEN Stops Using Photoshop

We already knew this but here are actual stats: Reading magazines for just a few minutes can lower our self-esteem: 3 out of 4 girls feel depressed, guilty, and shameful after spending 3 minutes with a fashion magazine.

The official announcement in this month’s SEVENTEEN. 

As a result, the New York-based activist organization, SPARKteam  asked  Seventeen to post one unaltered photospread a month. After joining forces with the film Miss Representation for the #KeepItReal campaign, thousands of young women responded on Twitter, Instagram, and through blogs, asking all women’s and girls’ magazines to stop photoshopping  woman’s bodies into unrecognizable, body-image issue-inducing layouts. Seventeen Magazine headed the call and they JUST announced they will stop using Photoshop to alter girl’s faces and bodies.

Gloria Steinem congratulated the win:”They have triumphed over false standards that contribute to eating disorders and self-hatred, and made Seventeen a leader in celebrating real girls. I am very proud of our partnership in the SPARK Movement. One magazine in our corner, more to go!”

Teen Vogue is next. Sign the petition to help keep our minds sane.

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