No Olympics for Street Artists

According to UK blogs, police are visiting graffiti artists’ homes to preemptively scare them from doing any street art in London before the Olympics. While this maybe the latest attempt by authorities to clean up London’s image for the 2012 Summer Games, they seem oblivious to the fact that the global UK brand IS graffiti and street art. Ever heard of Banksy?

One of the arrested artists, Darren Cullen, 38, runs a legit business that provides ”spraycan artwork and branding to major international companies” including Adidas, Microsoft and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

 Three other  graffiti artists were arrested and placed on bail conditions that prohibit them from creating any graffiti (even sanctioned work) affiliated with the Olympics, traveling within a mile of any Olympic venue, use any train, subway or other rail service for leisure purposes, posses any spray paint, marker pens,  etching equipment, or unset paint or communicate with anyone else associated with the investigation.

Remember the anti-Olympic graffiti and street art during the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver? With the heightened threat of detention, street art watchers are waiting with bated breath for Banksy, and other artists, to react to the Olympic situation.



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