Progressive Girl’s Voices

This weekend I’ve been working with girls at the Women’s Media Center’s Progressive Girl’s Voices (PGV) media training. I talked about remixing, why they should do it and how. They really enjoyed my remix selections which I’m reposting here.

Here’s a bit about PGV:

Progressive Girl’s Voices(PGV) is the premier media and leadership-training program for girls in the country. Representing a range of expertise and diversity across race, class, geography, and generation, participants receive advanced, comprehensive training and tools to position themselves as media spokespeople in their fields, thereby changing the conversation on issues that fill the headlines.

I’ve had a hard time selecting remixes lately for the under 20 crowd. I’m turning 26 on Wednesday. Maybe I’m loosing my young-person touch. Really, I think it’s that TV programming is becoming so niche that there’s no longer one show that the MAJORITY of young women watch. Today, though, it seems I got it right. No one said “I don’t watch the original source material, so I have no idea what they are trying to say.” Phew. Instead they laughed and wanted to learn how to remix. Mission Accomplished.


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