Self Help From a Distance

I love these large format photographs of self-help books mostly because I love self-help books…from a distance. I fell into a black hole last fall reading too many at once in an effort to make up for lost time. Once you find a niche in the self-help section, you get sucked into thinking all your problems will be solved by the next book. The reality is that the only thing they help is fueling anxiety. Now that I have a nice selection of What Color is Your Rainbow-esque books, I can put them to good use by looking at them from afar.

Artist Ken Rogowski‘s “Everything I Wish I Could Be” project statement:

There is a self-help book for almost every moment and problem in life; from relationship advice to dealing with the inevitability of death. Each large format photograph, pictures an arrangement of title pages and spines, from up to 100 self-help books that are based around a central theme. Together, the titles create larger narratives, which become portraits of emotions, people and events in life.



One thought on “Self Help From a Distance

  1. Adrienne says:

    Thank you Pop Culture Pirate for your wisdom. Self Help people makes alot of money telling other people what to do. We follow these people around like cocker spaniels. Not I. Not us anymore.

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