Suggestions to Not Take

I love/hate this collection of Google Predictive Text: Artist Edition. Google Instant, the tool used to predicted your search with pages of results changing automatically as you type, is based on the Google Search Algorithm that triggers pop-up selections of likely search terms for the past five years. The screen shots are just a test one blogger did to see how Google felt about art; I selected the female artists below. Each artist is linked to their Wikipedia page so you can see who they really are.

My personal concerns range from philosophical to practical.  Google Instant’s ability to make “make things easier” limits free thought and replaces it with guidance based on the impulses of the lowest common denominator searcher. If you’ve tried the tool, you know that its seemingly random and absurd suggestions just encourage us to become that searcher. I’ve clicked those first couple of suggestions before I realized that my curiosity just promoted the absurdity higher to the top of the list. #Fail



One thought on “Suggestions to Not Take

  1. THIS is amazing. The number of times Google has filled in disturbing “smart” answers for me is ridiculous. The latest? I searched Hersheys Chocolate (looking to buy in bulk as a gift) and it filled in “Hersheys Chocolate tastes like vomit”. Um.

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