How much?!

How I would love to see an itemized bill for certain expenses. Like where tax dollars go. How much celebrities spend on trainers. And what kind of math the girl on the subway used to buy a $4,000 Celine bag but wasn’t able to come up with “some ways to start saving money”. I’ve always wondered how much logo and rebranding for corporations costs, mostly because, as artist, our jobs are to take those carefully crafted brands and run amuck.

I’ve always wondered…and now I know!

Cost: $211,000,000

BP was redesigned in 208, 2 years before the Deepwater Horizon Spill, to appear more green, natural and one-with-the-earth…you know, the things you usually think of when you think of drilling for oil. Good thing they didn’t go with their runner up: brown ducks.

Cost: $15
The Twitter logo was designed by Simon Oxley in 2009. It has recently been updated to something “simpler, younger and more dynamic” but no record of how much that process cost.

Cost: $0
Originally designed in 1998 in a free, paired-down Photoshop-esque app called Gimp, a Google founder, Sergey Brin, didn’t charge his colleagues anything but he definitely holds it over their heads in staff meetings.

Cost:  $35
Created by then-graphic design student Carolyn Davidson in 1975, the Nike logo didn’t blow anyone away but she submitted her bill for $35 anyway, a price included the logo’s design only. After it became famous world wide, Nike gave the graphic designer a diamond Swoosh ring and an envelope filled with Nike stock to express their gratitude. She was unimpressed. “Whatami gonna do with a RING?”

Cost: A reasonable $33,000

The famous Paul Rand designed this Enron logo in the 1990s. Who knew it would go on to be in the open credits of every 5 o’clock news segment, surrounded by disgruntled employees carrying boxed-up-belongings?  Obviously, this is not one of my most favorite Rand designs. See his work here. I’ve always loved his ABC & DUNHILL logos. Not that you asked.




One thought on “How much?!

  1. Adrienne says:

    Love reading your witty blogs Pop CUlture Pirate. So, when we design a logo, how much do we charge? Do we take out a license, so that when the company makes a gazillion dollars, the humble artist can make some money to buy a once in a lifetime Celine bag? Steve Jobs was a prick, but everyone loves his Ipnone and he made a gazillion dollars. As for me, I buy at Marshalls, buy Gap on sale, and go to thrift stores. If something is well made, and moderately priced, I go for it – usually at Marshall’s or Ikea!

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