Power: Who Has It?

‘With the 2012 elections approaching, we again wanted to include artists in our coverage of a major news event. Artists provide unique insight and provoke thought, conversation and community in a critical way and are especially vital during such important times for our country and our world. – CNN

CNN commissioned one of my favorite artists, Jen Dalton, to create something with a theme of power for a section on their website devoted to the 2012 election season. Once I got past the mind-blowing fact that a commercial news company would pay artists to create work with few restrictions, I was able to once again appreciate how Dalton’s illustration breaks down power objectively;  you can’t argue with the numbers.

Another one of my favorite pieces by Dalton is “How Do Artists Live?”. I love and admire Jen’s ability to take a seemingly personal question and answer it in a completely detached way via the scientific method.


Check out other artists in the CNN artists here.

PS. Speaking of the elections, have you seen my Ann Romney remix?


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