Video Killed… Video

Remember renting movies on a Friday night? Driving to the overly air conditioned movie store to pick out a DVD or OMG, a VHS, from the racks and racks of rentals? The best part was the over-priced candy and instant popcorn at the checkout counter where you had to convince them you were a member, you just forgot your card. That all went away with the rise of digital video. Now there’s appleTV, hulu, Netflix…now there’s everything but driving in your car to a strip mall to rent a movie for 24 hours. So what happened to all those stores? The sprawling footprints? Nothing, apparently. The collection of photos below are the sometimes-sad portraits of an entertainment empire that once was. The big Blockbuster’s I’m more than happy to see go; it’s the smaller, local rental stores that are more reminiscent of times past.

The Movie Store – Austin, Texas

Viral Video – Keansburg, New Jersey

Miracle Video – Houston, Texas

Rent-A-Flick – Dittmer, Missouri

Blockbuster Video – Hudson, Florida

Blockbuster Video – Poquoson, Virginia

Blockbuster Video – Newport News, Virgina


BTW: If you’re in the NYC area this weekend, Brooklyn’s  GO Open Studios puts you in artists’ studios with the power to vote on whether or not they deserve a show at the Brooklyn Museum. It’s like a reality TV show in real life! I’ll be live tweeting it here and sharing my Instagrams along the way.


11 thoughts on “Video Killed… Video

      • I`d just like to say well done & I think you come across ok & naaurtl. I can see Susan`s point of view but I like naaurtl with all it`s faults? The message is what`s doing the selling to me not your production values.I tried to watch the protected `video without a camera` but it wanted a password which I don`t have. Where do I find that?

  1. Adrienne says:

    Great photos These emply stores are a sad comment on the riches that entertainment industry executives make off the common man.

  2. I miss friday nights at the video store with my girlfriend. The adventure of picking a random film based on the title or ‘closing your eyes and pointing’ game.

    At least we can tell our kids about how ‘back in the day’ we had stores dedicated to videos. A place where a video stores only carried ‘x’ number of copies of a certain film, and you would have to wait until next week to try to get your hands on one. The whole process is ridiculous

    • And then our kids will compare it to how it takes forever to load a Netflix “Instant” movie. Remember waiting to get onto AOL because there were too many people on at one time and you’d have to wait 20 minutes before trying to log in again? #TenderMomentsInTech

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  4. Maybe we’re behind the times, but where I live in England, there are at least 3 local Blockbusters and 1 independent called, ‘Flicks’. Not sure who’s frequenting them though.

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