Chicks with Hits

I just stumbled on the most amazing mash-up ever.  Chicks with Hits is a three part, three hour-long remix series dedicated to girl groups of the 80’s and 90’s. It’s amazing. Created by two dude DJs, Winslow and Johnny Coco with no commercials, you’re in a 1990’s fairy tale where female singer-song writers reign!

There’s some nostalgia for everyone. Source materials here. (Ps. Vol 2 includes the Spice Girls and Fiona Apple, aka HEAVEN)

It’s like being transported back to a roller rink on a Saturday afternoon in 1996, circling at high speeds while a delicate perfume of fried food and sweat permeate the air. Or walking home from middle school at 3:30 with a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and a mouth full of Chupa Chups. YES.



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