Famous Movie Outfits

I love complexity made simple which is why this basic photo project by Candice Milon really inspires me. The most well-known outfits in film history are boiled down to their most basic aspects, and then carefully folded. I honestly didn’t recognize any of the movies represented (shocker) but I’m really inspired by this project. It forces us to simplify things down to their most basic parts allowing the audience to fill in the gaps and project their own feelings onto the photos.  And, of course, I love men’s fashion, but… could she not have included one woman’s outfit?

How many movies can you guess?

famous movie outfits men 1

famous movie outfits men 2

famous movie outfits men 3

1. Blues Brothers / Back to the Future

2. Wall Street / Forrest Gump

3. Clockwork Orange / Cassablanca


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