To Do List.

Yesterday I was a woman who bought boxes and bins to organize my clutter. But today I am a woman who refuses to have clutter.

I spent the long weekend going through boxes and bins and files, cleaning out and shredding clutter I had been holding on to from college. What I realized in sorting through my stuff was that I make lots of self-help-esque lists, rattled off in the heat of an I-feel-like-shit-about-myself-moment. Then, once I feel better again, I forget all about my lists and make a new list, which I then forget about in favor of piling emails, tweets and things I should have Facebook’d. Are you noticing a cycle? WELL IT ENDS TODAY. To Do ListBelow is my newest list. I’m making it public so that I can hold myself accountable and accomplish it. Because I’m tired of over thinking it. New motto: think less, do more.

  1. Bake an apple pie
  2. Redesign this blog
  3. Go ice skating at Chelsea Piers
  4. Clean out my office
  5. Host a dinner party
  6. Eat less sugar
  7. Put old camera(s) and purses on eBay
  8. Upgrade to an HD camera
  9. Take a Photoshop class
  10. Go apple picking/pumpkin picking
  11. Hire a photographer
  12. Update laptop and desktop operating systems
  13. Move to Brooklyn
  14. Get an official artists studio
  15. Go for a hike in the Hudson River Valley
  16. Find a primary Dr & dentist
  17. Get contacts
  18. Have more fun (loosely based on increased stress)
  19. Find a roommate
  20. Set up an IRA & a 401(k) & automat contributions
  21. Get a hair cut
  22. Make my videos look nicer
  23. Get fancy nail art done once a month
  24. Make my “audience less niche”
  25. Set an editorial calendar for Virtual Mentor posts
  26. Increase blog comments!
  27. Write/make/design a publication of some sort
  28. Transfer money to savings account
  29. Get my shower, closet door and windows in my apartment fixed
  30. Be in a gallery show in Chelsea
  31. Make new friends
  32. Collaborate more


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6 thoughts on “To Do List.

  1. Marilee M. says:

    This is a great list! I have similar lists. Nice to know other hard-working ladies make lists the which include everything from mundane money and house matters to fun stuff and work-related things. My favorites on your list are the hike, move to Brooklyn & be in a gallery show, good luck!

  2. Heck yeah. Love the graphic. And love how similar this is to lists I have! (Woot #2! 🙂 I also especially love 3, 10, 13, 31, and 32.) I find encouragement in the fact that even if some things fall by the wayside, I’m constantly getting back on the horse anyway…

  3. Number 29 has never happened in the entirety of human existence. It’s actually a law of the Universe that no more than two things can ever be repaired within a New York City household and the more of those things that are a plurality of windows, the less likely any repairs are ever to occur. The landlord principle.

    However, best possible luck and determination with your list and I hope this helps number 26 along.

    • YES. You are so right. I should have added a secondary To Do which is to follow up, weekly, with my management company. Oh, and then take a vacation day to stay home from work to get it all repaired because no one works on a weekend. ….adding it in now.

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